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Sangeet Sindan

Senior Associate

Sangeet Sindan, serving as a Senior Associate at Constellation Blu, brings a wealth of legal acumen to our Transaction Advisory - Legal & Compliance team. Holding an MBA-LL.M from the National Law University, Jodhpur, and a B.A.LL.B from Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Sangeet has curated a diverse and comprehensive skill set over his impressive career.

With nearly 14 years of professional experience, Sangeet in his current role at Constellation Blu, offers robust expertise in a spectrum of areas, including technology, media, telecommunication, e-commerce, cloud-based services, mergers and acquisitions, fund formation, corporate and secretarial tasks, labour laws, leasing, litigation support, and venture capital investment transactions. Previously, Sangeet served as a Senior Associate at Fox Mandal & Associates in Bengaluru and held the role of Senior Advisor at Juris Arena.

Sangeet's approach, coupled with deep sectoral insights, positions him as a dynamic legal professional ready to tackle intricate challenges and pioneer innovative solutions. His areas of interest and expertise extend to working with VCs on fund formation and LP agreements, and hands-on involvement in corporate and commercial matters, startups, and MSMEs. Sangeet is particularly passionate about startups and MSMEs, where his expertise shines in navigating corporate and commercial complexities.

Beyond the legal realm, Sangeet channels his passion for wellbeing through practices like Hatha Yoga and Gheranda Yoga. Additionally, he expresses his creative side through the art of writing poems.

Sangeet Sindan's presence enriches Constellation Blu with a unique blend of legal expertise, sector-specific insights, and a passion for holistic well-being.

Transaction Advisory - Legal & Compliance

Sangeet Sindan

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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