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Our Story

Welcome to Constellation Blu

Nurturing Beyond Funding

Imagine if startups could grow even stronger than they imagined - that was the spark behind Constellation Blu. We know that a real test for startups isn't just beginning, but transforming into something huge. Back in 2012, we set out to be the ultimate team of experts, ready to help startups in every way.

From founders dreaming big to the investors backing them, we wanted to be the support everyone needed. Our goal was clear: to provide top-notch services that could turn startup challenges into victories.

Starting with just three folks in 2013, we've now grown to almost 50 professionals, each skilled in things like Finance, Legal matters, and more. Driven by pride and a strong sense of purpose, our young team stays close and keeps growing.


In a blink, we've become the go-to place for all startup needs. We're eager to keep adding new and amazing services for startups. Our leaders have turned into co-owners, and we're not stopping.


To be the Big 1 trusted advisory firm, for the early stage eco-system and MSME's in the field of finance, legal and compliance.

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By providing high quality, full stack Advisory services to our clients

  1. Through thought leadership

  2. With an entrepreneurial approach

  3. Having high ethical standards and integrity

  4. By leveraging technology



Build trust by making responsible decisions based on professional standards and act in good faith.

Continuous Learning

Develop professionally to bring out the best, by expanding our capabilities through continuous learning, initiatives and training.


Provide best in class service and value.


Achieve more by collaborating and celebrating together.


Take initiatives and care about the outcomes through actions and results.

Lifetime Value

Relationships driven approach that looks beyond the present, in creating value for all stakeholders.

Meet the team and
experts who make it happen for you!

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