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Raja Choudhary


Meet Raja Choudhary, an Associate in our Accounts Team at Constellation Blu. With nearly 7 years of experience and a Masters of Commerce degree in Finance, Raja is a seasoned financial professional.

His role as an Associate allows him to bring together his wealth of financial knowledge, mentorship capabilities, and strategic insights to create a positive impact for both the team and clients.

Raja’s work include financial reporting, budget forecasting, and comprehensive tax planning and compliance. He ensures that the financial health of organizations remains robust, focusing on accuracy and efficiency.

Beyond his professional life, Raja enjoys the great outdoors, finding solace and excitement in trekking adventures. Cooking is a passion that allows him to explore a world of flavors and experimentation. He's an avid reader, continually nourishing his mind and staying updated on cutting-edge technology trends.

Raja Choudhary's financial acumen makes him a valuable asset in the Accounts Team. His passion for continuous learning and exploration, both in the financial world and beyond, reflects his commitment to excellence.

Corporate Team - Accounts

Raja Choudhary

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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