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Jueta Alvares

Senior Manager

Jueta is the People Operations Manager at Constellation Blu, she plays a pivotal role in spearheading the organization's people-focused initiatives and partnering with the business to drive the people agenda. With a strong academic foundation, Jueta holds a Master's in Management Studies (MMS) with a specialization in HR from Xavier Institute of Management & Research in Mumbai.

Before joining Constellation Blu, Jueta honed her skills at renowned organizations, including Radisson Hotel & Resorts, and KPMG India. Her extensive experience and knowledge in human resources have solidified her reputation as a trusted and results-driven professional.

Jueta has worked across geographies and firmly believes that a diverse skill set of people adds immense value to the team, with each individual bringing their unique characteristics to the table. Her passion lies in all things people-focused, making her a dedicated advocate for employee well-being, talent development, and organizational growth. She thrives on creating environments that foster collaboration, innovation, and professional growth.

As a dedicated People Operations leader, Jueta Alvares is an integral part of the Constellation Blu team, contributing to the company's mission of achieving success through its most valuable asset.

Corporate Team - People Operations

Jueta Alvares

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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