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Harshad Jadhav


Harshad Jadhav, our Manager in the Accounts team, brings an impressive 15 years of financial expertise to Constellation Blu. He holds a Master's degree in Financial Management from Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management, Mumbai.

In his current role at Constellation Blu, Harshad takes on a multifaceted set of responsibilities. He expertly reviews financial statements on a monthly and annual basis, ensuring their accuracy and compliance. His role extends to implementing robust systems for audit preparedness, collaborating with auditors and internal stakeholders to facilitate the timely and effective closure of statutory and internal audits. Harshad also leads in the preparation of cash flow statements and MIS for the firm on a monthly basis, taking overall responsibility to provide necessary information and reports to partners.

Harshad's professional journey includes pivotal roles such as Accounts Manager at Kaizen Management Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, and Assistant Accounting Controller at BMA International, Dubai - Corporate Office.

Beyond his professional achievements, Harshad is passionate about trekking and traveling, demonstrating his love for adventure and exploration, which perfectly complements his role in navigating the financial landscapes for our clients.

Harshad Jadhav's commitment to financial excellence and his passion for adventure make him a dynamic and well-rounded contributor to the Constellation Blu team.

Corporate Team - Accounts

Harshad Jadhav

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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