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Bhavya M Shetty


Bhavya M Shetty, an Associate in Constellation Blu's Corporate Team, brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant energy to the People Operations Admin domain. Holding a B.Com degree from Mumbai University, Bhavya has accumulated 12 years of professional expertise, with prior experience as a Deputy Manager at Kotak Life Insurance Company Ltd.

In her current role as an Admin Associate, Bhavya plays a crucial role in ensuring the day-to-day operations run seamlessly. She takes charge of planning and executing engaging events, adding a touch of creativity to every detail. Bhavya is adept at managing and organizing essential documents, maintaining an efficient record-keeping system. She actively implements strategies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure overall operational efficiency.

Bhavya's area of interest and expertise lies in event management, where every task is an opportunity to craft stories and create memorable experiences. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is passionately immersed in the realms of music and dance, reflecting her creative and dynamic spirit.

As a valuable team member, Bhavya contributes significantly to the vibrant culture of Constellation Blu.

Corporate Team - People Operations Admin

Bhavya M Shetty

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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