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Akshay Sai

Senior Associate

Akshay Sai, our Senior Associate in the Transaction Advisory team, holds the Chartered Accountant qualification and earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Bangalore University. With 5 years of invaluable experience in the field, Akshay's professional journey has been nothing short of impressive.

In his current role, Akshay works on assignments related to fundraise rounds for various VC-funded companies. He excels in building, advising, and validating business models across various sectors. Leading the financial due diligence team, he conducts in-depth reviews and advises companies on a range of financial matters, from setting up finance functions to scaling internal controls. Akshay's expertise extends to valuations, financial modeling, CFO services, and providing insights into the intricate world of PE and VC investments.

Before joining Constellation Blu, Akshay served as a Management Consultant for several early-stage startups and as an Audit Assistant at RCE & Co., Bangalore, where he honed his financial acumen and analytical skills.

Beyond the world of finance, Akshay is passionate about traveling, biking, and the exhilarating realm of Formula 1 and capital markets.

Akshay Sai's commitment to financial excellence and his well-rounded approach to life make him an invaluable asset to Constellation Blu and a trusted partner on your financial journey.

Transaction Advisory - Finance & Tax

Akshay Sai

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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