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Rachana Dawda

Senior Associate

Rachana Dawda, our Senior Associate in the Transaction Advisory Team, specializing in Legal & Compliance. With 13 years of extensive experience in her field, Rachana is a vital part of the Constellation Blu team.

Rachana holds a degree in Company Secretary from ICSI, and her impressive academic background is complemented by a wide array of professional experiences. Rachana's professional journey has taken her across international borders and given her exposure to diverse industries. Her prior roles at Rikvin Pte Ltd and Shankar Iyer Consultants in Singapore allowed her to gain invaluable international exposure.

In her current role at Constellation Blu, Rachana focuses on advising venture capital funds on legal matters concerning investment transactions. She collaborates closely with these funds, playing a pivotal role in drafting, vetting, and negotiating legal agreements that pertain to their investments in start-ups.

Rachana specializes in the intricate process of drafting and vetting agreements and oversees the end-to-end management of investment transactions. Her expertise in this area, along with her international experience, makes her an invaluable asset for clients and the team.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rachana is passionate about reading and traveling, reflecting her love for exploration and the quest for knowledge. Her commitment to her work and her eagerness to venture into new horizons make her an indispensable part of Constellation Blu.

Rachana Dawda's international exposure and her role in assisting venture capital funds reflect her dedication to providing top-notch legal and compliance services to start-ups and businesses. She is a key contributor to the excellence and diversity that Constellation Blu offers.

Transaction Advisory - Legal & Compliance

 Rachana Dawda

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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