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Content Specialist

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role


We are seeking a talented and motivated individual to join our team as an Associate - Knowledge Management and Content Specialist with 2 - 4 years of relevant experience. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the firm's success by managing editorials, graphic design, social media platforms, website updates and internal communication while actively participating in cross-functional assignments and projects bringing to the workplace a creative mind with a key eye for detail.

In this role you will report to the Firm’s Leadership team and will spearhead various initiatives such as-

1. Editorial Management:

- Curate and create high-quality written content for various platforms, including reports, articles, and blog posts.
- Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and relevance of content.
- Develop and maintain an editorial calendar to ensure timely delivery of content.

2. Graphic Design:

- Design visually appealing and effective graphics for presentations, reports, and other materials.
- Ensure brand consistency in all visual assets.
- Stay updated on design trends and incorporate innovative approaches into projects.

3. Knowledge Management:

- Organize and maintain a centralized repository of knowledge resources.
- Implement effective knowledge-sharing practices within the organization.
- Develop and enhance processes for knowledge creation, storage, and dissemination.

4. Social Media Management:

- Develop and execute social media strategies to increase the firm's online presence.
- Create engaging content for various social media platforms.
- Monitor and analyze social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

5. Website Updates:

- Regularly audit and update website content to reflect the firm's latest achievements and offerings.

6. Internal Communication:

- Develop and implement internal communication strategies to foster collaboration and information sharing.
- Coordinate with different departments to disseminate important updates and announcements.
- Manage communication channels such as newsletters, intranet, and other internal platforms.

7. Cross-Functional Assignments/Projects:

- Collaborate with various teams within the organization on cross-functional projects.
- Provide expertise in media and knowledge management to contribute to project success.
- Ensure effective communication and coordination between different departments.



  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, graphic design, or a related field.

  • Proven experience in working on multiple projects, simultaneously, in editorial management, graphic design, and social media management/website management.

  • Proficiency in graphic design tools and content management systems.

About the Company

Constellation Blu ( is a boutique advisory firm, that specializes in general corporate and advisory, commercial, and transactional matters. We specialize in the Start-up ecosystem, working with Venture Capitalists and Start-ups.

We've advised a wide range of Start-ups across Incorporation & Compliance, Accounting Services, Financial Advisory, Legal Advisory, Business Finance and Special Projects and believe that every Start-up is unique and hence, needs customized solutions.

Our client portfolio includes Blume Ventures, Purplle, Zopper, Turtlemint, Slice to name a few of them.

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